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Black Dog OG

Black Dog OG

Strain name Black Dog OG 
Next batch (amount) 15 lbs
Next batch (date) Testing complete
Type Hybrid Indica  Dominant
Expected THC profile 23%
Expected CBD profile na
Expected Terpines profile Grape, pine and berry overtones are accompanied by strong gassy undertones
Total 2016 available estimate 8+
Growing conditions Sun grown, Clean Green Certified
Grade A

Farm Coordinator Notes

Eek reviewed this product on November 22nd  and would rate it high quality.   It is hand trimmed,  and Southern Oregon Sungrown. A strong nose of bright citrus and fruity blueberry, with earthy notes.  

Tokie Farms has over 10 years experience and uses Living Soil, Beyond Organics, is Clean Green Certified, Watershed Conscious, Self Funded, and is Women Grown.

Humboldt Seeds Info

Grape, pine and berry overtones are accompanied by strong gassy undertones provided from the Headband father. Effects are Indica dominant and can be quite strong cerebrally. Black D.O.G. strain finishes with a strong  yet relaxing couch-locking body high. We are proud to present this unique and unmistakable new masterpiece brought to you by the one and only Humboldt Seed Organization. Happy Gardening!!

HSO is proud to present the Black D.O.G. strain, another elite creation in feminized form. This cannabis strain is the combination of three classic strains pinnacle in the Emerald Triangle for over two decades. Blackberry Kush was combined with the F-2 Emerald Headband male, comprised of our Emerald OG and the original late 70’s California Sour Diesel. The result was an immaculate display of color, smell and stature, unique to the cannabis world today.

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