Our Company


Eek has a vision to build a demand generated broker business that generates wealth and health for those who use our services.  

We are in this business for the long term.  And, although we are old school, eek isn't limiting ourselves to the paradigms of the past.

Thank you for taking a moment to consider our business.  We wish you well.

About Us

Eek is a legal cannabis broker.  We are focused on information systems, logistics, and long term relationships.

We offer cannabis wholesale through OMMP and OLCC recreational wholesale licensees.  

Eek is an Oregon corporation.  Our team members are licensed in Oregon as Recreational Marijuana Handler License, and we also are licensed Food Handlers License.

Eek's technology platform is designed to make the distribution of quality products easy and intuitive.  We like to buy technology, and we love to build it too.  

Eek is comprised of a using a mix of development, leveraged components including Shopify, Twilio, AWS as the foundation of our systems.  We are just getting started.

How eek works

Eek runs routes all throughout Oregon.   Weekly, we are in Rogue Valley, Coast, Eugene, Portland.  These routes are designed to be a conduit for delivery and pickup.  To give our team a daily view of what is changing in our markets and neighborhoods.

While out on the road, we work to connect with buyers and budtenders.  We offer information resources, samples, new products to our potential buyers and partners.  Our goal is to connect their needs with the resources that exist.

Our farm team is key to our success.  We are busy at work building relationships.  We share our observations.  Learn about farm goals and products.  And, we represent. 

We work to build smart contracts for our customers.  Contacts that build better business relationships.  

We pay the farmer and ourselves when product sells.  

We aim to support a fair market, and as part of that get paid a percentage from the sale price, paid by the seller.   Our pricing is 12% of the sales price.

Our Research

At the core of eek is a quest for knowledge.

We are humbled by the amazing work we see everywhere.  We expect to be surprised. We observe.  We share.

Our team has the ability discern good products. It means listening to budtenders and what they do. It means listening to buyers and their goals.

We process, confirm, test, and trial.

Our Technology

Our team has built tools for the e-commerce healthcare industry, including applications for disseminating research and gathering clinical data.

In eek, we're taking those tools, and building a new future of medicine by accelerating how we share the word. 

Got research?  Let us know and we'll take a look.