Water in the Rogue Valley

Municipal water in the Rogue Valley

City of Grants Pass reports water quality yearly.   

City of Ashland reports water quality yearly.  

 "Our water is safe to drink, and meets or exceeds state and federal standards."

City of Medford (and surrounding) water quality report & annual analyzes.  

"During the winter months, our water comes exclusively from the Big Butte Springs and stays cold underground until it reaches customers’ taps. In summer months, our supply is supplemented from the Rogue River, which can run considerably warmer and varies with outdoor temperatures."

Water delivery in the Rogue Valley

Residents of the Rogue Valley are blessed to have good water sources.   Here are a few companies who bring water to homes.

Mt. Shasta Spring Water is a water delivery service that serves Ashland
Green Springs Water Co. delivers water from Tub Springs
Kangen Queens provides resources for Kangen Water
Sierra Springs is sourced from a protected deep spring within the great Oregon Mountains and is delivered to homes and businesses across the Pacific Northwest.

Ashland Water Supply delivers water from Tub Springs