Siskiyou Seeds From Seven Seeds Farm

Siskiyou Seeds From Seven Seeds Farm
Organic Farm Non-GMO, Open Pollinated, Certified Organic seeds (Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs, Heirlooms, Original Varieties, Grains)
Located Williams, Oregon

Farm information

We are creating a new paradigm in seed distribution: farmers selling fresh, organic seed direct to other growers.  How novel!  Siskiyou Seed is a bioregional, certified organic seed bank and seed source for gardeners and small farmers.  Our offerings are the result of connecting seed growers, gardeners and farmers in a mutually beneficial relationship to support small-scale agriculture with superior genetics selected for the Pacific Northwest.  We grow and distribute certified organic, open pollinated seeds through seed racks, a catalog and our website.  Our goal is to produce most of the seed on our farm, Seven Seeds Farm and fields we manage in Southern Oregon’s Applegate valley.  We also work with successful, organic seed growers in the Applegate valley to increase the diversity of our offerings.  In this way we are able to offer well-selected fresh seed of exceptional vigor and quality that larger commercial sources cannot match due to their having to rotate stock through a variety of middlemen.  Through developing this network of seed producers we are strengthening our local seed security and seeding the revolution!

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