Flower it Forward - Trying out the free flowers @ Del Rio Vineyards

While on on the Rogue Delivery Thursday route yesterday, popped into Del Rio Vineyards near Gold Hill.

Noticed the flower farm on the road.

Heard that it was offered to folks to stop by and pick some flowers to take home, so was intrigued.

How it works:

Step 1 - Confirm it is true.  The nice folks in the tasting room pointed out that there are scissors and water in a stand near the flower garden.  And, bring your own vase.  They offer them, but many times they are already gone.   We had a jar in the car, so we gave it a whirl.

Step 2 - Decide what flowers to pick.  The rows have yellow, orange, red, purple, white, and more colors.

Step 3 - Cut them, arrange them, and take them with you. 

Step 4 - Share them.   The folks at Del Rio implore each of us to share them.   

A cycle of goodness starts.  

Thanks Del Rio!

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