Cannabis Broker

Eek is licensed as a recreational cannabis wholesale company in Oregon. We have been innovating a lightweight model that gives dispensaries the largest variety of products while making it easy for farms and producers to let eek represent and sell their products.

To meet our vision of a vibrant, consumer-led marketplace, Eek is investing in technology. We became an approved software vendor with Oregon’s Cannabis Tracking System (METRC-OR). That means Eek is working hard to build tools and applications that make the business of cannabis scale. In Oregon, everywhere.

Eek was started in Southern Oregon, a place that is a hotspot for amazing people creating some of the kindest cannabis in the world.


What we do

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  • Sales

  • Intelligence

  • Software

  • Research


Our commitment

Ethical ~ We want this industry to be a positive example of how healthy business relationships can be a power of change. Our relationships are worth more than any short term gain. One way Eek does this is through pricing transparency. This means when Eek sells a product, each party knows the terms. No hidden mark-up. No surprises.

Efficient ~ Eek supports retail buyers by listening to their needs and then working hard to get the right product, at the right price, when it is needed. We support our farm teams by making it easy to market, sell, and deliver products. We do the work of selling. Eek is working hard to advance the industry’s tools and systems to make day-to-day operations a breeze.

Kind ~ We believe in the healing power of healthy plant medicine. Some of the best in the world is right here in our back yard. We offer these kind products to dispensaries that respect quality and fair business practices.